About Sacred Music & Nirinjan Kaur

Sacred music is music that inspires a person to rise into their highest way of being. Incorporating the ancient and sacred technique of Mantra, the songs bring deep healing and open doors of personal transformation in the listner/practitioner. Mantra is a long time "medicine", used by thousands around the world as a tool to help them heal from inner pain, and reach beyond it to truly receive the gift of their life. 

Born into a family of practicing yogis, Nirinjan Kaur has been raised and trained in the healing practices of Sacred Chant, Kundalini Yoga, and meditation, since birth. Her calling is to share music, and to share these powerful practices with others in order to facilitate the deep healing and personal growth of each person who wants it. She has performed sacred music concerts, taught Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops, and sung alongside other respected artists and teachers across the globe, for many years. Her profoundly heart-opening voice easily conveys her innocence, authenticity, and devotion, to listeners, bringing them into a state of bliss and healing.