Ong Namo

 Ong namo gurudev namo, gurudev namo, gurudeva

I bow to the divine within me, and to the force that brings me from darkness into light. I bow to that unseen and formless presence.


Adi Shakti

Adi shakti, adi shakti, adi shakti, namo namo

Sarab shakti, sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo namo

Pritham bhagvati, pritham bhagvati, pritham bhagvati, namo namo

Kundalini mata Shakti, mata Shakti, namo namo


First force of all creation, to you I bow

Divine force everywhere, to you I bow

Creative force, primal force, to you I bow

Rising up, divine mother, to you I bow


I Am

Through the earth, through the sky, through the water, through the mist in my eyes, your presence.

Rising in my heart, singing through me, your song in me, is heard.

I am, I am, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

My love, reach beyond my skin, what was lost, what was taken, so painfully withheld, separation, but you’re here.

I am, I am, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

I see you in another’s eyes, you speak to me through their lips. In their story, in our lives, you are here.

I am, I am, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

I bless my Self, I bless my Self, I am, I am

Har Har Waheguru

Through the divine force of action within me, I completely feel the ecstasy of the divine.



Naam niranjan, neer Narayan

The name of the pure divine one, is nectar.

Rasnaa simrat paap balaayan

Chanting in with the tongue, all pain and guilt is washed away.

Narayan sabh mahe nivaas

The divine abides everywhere.

Narayan ghat ghat pargaas

The divine one illuminates each and every heart

Narayan kahatay narak na jahi

Chanting the name, one does not fall into pain and darkness

Narayan sev sagal fal pahi

Serving the divine one, all fruitful rewards are received.

Narayan man mahe adhaar

Within my mind is the support of the divine

Narayan bohith sansaar

The divine is that boat in which I cross over the world ocean

Narayan kahat jam bhag palaayan

Chant the name of the divine, and the messenger of death will run away.

Narayan dant bhanay dain

The divine conquers painful attachment and manipulation.

Narayan sadh sadh bakhshind

The divine one is forever, and ever the forgiver.

Narayan keenay sukh anand

The divine one blesses me with peace and bliss.

Narayan pragat keeno partaap

The divine one has revealed his glory

Narayan sant ko maaee baap

The divine one is the mother and the father of the devoted soul.

Narayan sadh sang narayan

The divine is felt in the company of people of love.

Baarunmbaar Narayan gaayan

Again and again, I sing the praises of the divine.

Basat agochar guru mil lahee

Meeting with my Guru, I have obtained this incomprehensible object.

Narayan ot nanak daas gahee

Servant Nanak has grasped the support of the divine.



Chattr Chakkr Vartee

 Chattr chakkr vartee

In the four directions, you are the absolute ruler.

Chattr chakkr bhugtay

In the four directions, you are the enjoyer

Suyambhav subang, sarabdaa sarab jugtay

You are self existent, and always merged with all.

Dukaalang pranaasee, dayaalang Sarupay

You resolve the pain of birth and death, and are full of kindness.

Sada angsangay, abhangang, bhibootay

You are always with us, forever, in every cell, and your splendor and beauty shall never die.


Pooran jot jagai ghat mai tab khaalas taahi nakhaalas jaanai

The person who allows the light of the divine to shine through their heart, has reached the high state of full, pure being: Khalsa.

Jaagat jot japai nis baasur ek binaa man naik na aanai

That person meditates on the ever-radiant light, day and night, and allows any distractions from the the One, to leave the mind.

 Pooran prem prateet sajai brat gor maree mat bhool na maanai

He decorates himself with love and trust, and does not rely on the mere actions of fasts, and various ceremonial acts alone, to liberate him. Even by mistake.

 Teerath daan dayaa tap sanjam, ek binaa neh ek pachaanai

He knows none except the One, and realizes that state of being through the true journey of kindness, compassion, practice, and discipline. 



Samrath Guru

Samrath guru sirhath dhario

The all powerful guru has placed his hand upon my head

Guru kini kirpa harinam dio, Jis dekh charan aghan haro

I have been blessed with with the name of the divine, looking lovingly upon his lotus feet, and my pain and guilt was washed away.

Nis basur ek saman dhian, Su naam su nay sudh baan daro

Night and day, the Guru meditates on the divine one, and hearing the name, the messenger of death is scared away.

Ban daas su aas jagatr guru ki, Paaras bet, paras karo

Says the servant of the divine: Guru Ramdas with complete faith in Guru Amar Das, felt the divine in the whole universe. Touching the philosophers stone, he was transformed into the philosophers stone.

 Ramdas guru har sat kio, Samrath guru sirhath dhario

Guru Ramdas recognized the divine as true, the all powerful Guru has placed his hand upon my head.

Your hand on my head, my heart up to you, through your love, now I become you.

With my head in my hands through the light and the dark, oh my love, take my heart.

Sat nam sat nam sat nam sat nam sat nam sat sat nam sat nam waheguru



Ardas Bhaee

Ardas bhaee, amar das guru

Amar das guru, ardas bhaee

Ramdas guru, ramdas guru, ramdas guru

Sachee sahee


Ardas Bhaaee is a powerful mantra of prayer. Singing it merges the body mind and soul into harmony. Without having to say what you want, the need of life is adjusted. It guarantees with the grace and energy of Guru Amar Das (the hope of the hopeless), and Guru Ram Das (the king of the yogis, master of love and healing), that your prayer will be answered.