Jai Tegang

Khag khand bihandan khal dal khandan at ran mandan bar bandan

The sword breaks through and cuts down the demons of the mind and body. This beautiful and powerful weapon adorns the battlefield of life. 

Bhuj dandh akhandan tej parchandan jot amandan bhaan prabhan

It is as an extension of the arm, unbreakable, terribly fast, it’s awesome splendor overshadows even the sun. 

Sukh santaa karnang durman darning kilbikh harnang as sarnang

It protects the peace and happiness of the people dwelling in love, and destroys any powerful negative energy. It has erased the negativity and guilt that I carry. I seek its refuge. 

Jai jai jag kaaran srist ubaaran mam pratipaaran jai tegang

Praise, praise be to the great doer of the world, savior of the creation, my great protector, praise be to the sword! 



Triple Mantra 

This is a mantra for protection. It protects against accidents and clears all types of mental, psychic and physical obstacles in one’s daily life. It breaks through energetic blocks and opens the space for things to happen. 

Aad gur eh nameh. Jugaad gur eh nameh. 

I bow to God in the beginning. I bow to God throughout the ages. 

Satgur eh nameh. Siri gurudev eh nameh. 

I bow to the true teacher. I bow to the formless one. 

Aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach. 

True in the beginning, true through the ages, true even now, oh Nanak, ever shall be true. 

Aad sach, jugaad sach, hai bhai sach, naanak hosee bhai sach. 

True in the beginning, true through the ages, true even now, oh Nanak, ever shall be true. 


Treasure of Bliss

(Translation and Composition by Matamandir Singh) 

Oh my Lord, treasure of bliss, have mercy on me that I may sing Thy praises. 

I rest ever my hopes in thee, oh Lord. When shall you take me into Thy arms, in Thy embrace? When shall you take me in Thy embrace? 

Oh my Lord, I am Thy foolish child. Bless me ever, ever, with Thy teachings. 

This child, every moment, commits mistakes and falls, but still somehow he is ever pleasing unto Thee. Oh Father of the universe! 

Whatever thou givest me, oh Lord God, that alone I receive. 

For me, there is no other place where I can go, where I can go. 

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru. 

The saints who are pleasing to God, unto them alone God is pleasing. 

The brilliant Lord shall blend their light with His, and both the lights shall merge together. 

God, ever merciful, shall make me love him. Servant Nanak has sought the protection of the Lord, and he the Lord, shall protect his honor. 


Aap Sahaaee Hoaa

This mantra takes away negativity from surrounding environments and from within. It lets you penetrate into the unknown without fear, and gives protection and mental balance. 

Aap sahaaee hoaa. Sachay daa sachaa dhoaa. Har, Har, Har. 

God himself has become my protection and support. True is the support of the true Lord. 



Re Man

Re man eh bidh jog kamaao

Oh my mind, practice Yoga in this way: 

Singee saach akapat kanthalaa, Dhiaan bibhoot charaao

Let Truth be your horn, sincerity your necklace, meditation the ashes you apply on your body. 

Taatee gaho aatam bas kar kee, Bhichhaa naam adhaarang

Make self-containment your harp, and the Naam, the Name of God, your support. 

Baajay param taar tat har ko, Upajai raag rasaarang

Vibrate the strings of the sound current, and listen to the sweet songs of the divine one. 

Ughatai taan tarang rang at giaan geet bandhaanang

The waves of sweet sound bring ecstasy, and through the songs of the Lord, spiritual wisdom arises. 

Chak chak rehay dev daanav mun chhak chhak bayom bivaanang

The demons and the demi-gods in their chariots are amazed, and the silent sages are intoxicated with delight. 

Aatam upadays bhays sanjam ko jaap so ajapaa jaapai

So instruct your soul, wear the loin-cloth of self containment, and chant the Name of the Lord, even when you are silent. 

Sadaa Reai kanchan see kaayaa, kaal na kabahoo bayaapai

In this way, your body shall remain forever golden, and death can never truly touch you.



Har Singh Nar SIngh

Har singh, nar singh, neel naaraayan. 

God, the protector, takes care of the universe. 

Gur sikh, gur singh, har har gaayan. 

Those who live in God’s consciousness and power, chant “Har har”. 

Wahe guru, wahe guru, har har dhiaaian 

Meditate on Wahe Guru, and live in ecstacy. 

Saakhat nindak dusht mathaayan. 

For those who vibrate God’s name, all karmas are cleared. 

 This mantra is one of strength, conquering negative energy. 



Heal Me

I am the light of the soul, I am beautiful, I am bountiful, I am bliss, I am, I am

Heal me, heal me, my God. Break me, break me through maya’s facade. 

God’s spirit, God’s soul, Divine Spirit, make me whole. 

Come through me, my Lord of Sa. Heal me, and heal my world. 

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Every cell of me is God



Kaval Nain

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe jeeo

Wahe Guru, the mantra of ecstasy, complete awe of the Divine. 

Kaval nain madhur bain kot sain sang sobh kahat maa jasod jiseh dahee bhaat khaahe jeeo. 

You are lotus-eyed, with sweet speech, exalted and embellished with millions of companions. Mother Yashoda invited you as Krishna to eat the sweet rice. 

Dekh roop at anoop moh mahaa mag bhaee kinkanee shabad jhanatkaar khel paahe jeeo. 

Gazing upon Your supremely beautiful form, and hearing the musical sounds of your silver bells tinkling, she was intoxicated with delight. 

Kaal kalam hukam haath kahu kaun met sakai is brahm giaan dhiaan dharat heeai chaahe jeeo. 

Death’s pen and command are in your hands. Tell me, who can erase it? Shiva and Brahma yearn to enshrine your wisdom in their hearts. 

Sat saach siree nivaas aad purakh sadaa tuhee wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru wahe jeeo. ||1||6|| 

You are forever true, the home of excellence, the primal supreme being. 

Wahe Guru, the mantra of ecstasy